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Hot Toddy

The quintessential tummy warmer perfect for the cold weather.
Lots of variations on a theme with this one, but essentially Toddys are a mixture of spirits, sours, sweetness, spices and hot water to bring it all together.
This recipe can be made sourer by changing the lemon juice to lime juice or sweetening by doubling the amount of stock syrup.

  • 15mls wild Turkey honey bourbon
  • 15mls Ron De Jeremy spiced rum
  • 10mls orange bitters
  • 8mls lemon juice
  • 8mls stock syrup
  • 200mls boiling water
  • Small cinnamon stick.
  • Pinch of cinnamon

Shake the bourbon, rum, lemon juice and cinnamon together pour into a whiskey tumbler
Add the bitters and stock syrup
Finally pour in hot water whilst stirring with the cinnamon stick and infuse for 2 mins before serving.

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